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2013四月 第三度踏上文明古國祕魯, 帶回新款祕魯純手編織純小羊駝毛飾品(圍巾 披肩 斗篷 帽 子 手套) 且已全部 上架, 迎參觀選購!

3 thoughts on “2013四月 第三度踏上文明古國祕魯

  1. simon liao

    had phoned you this morning with questions and orders but not cleared due to bad connections. interested to order some stuff as follows:

    R7973-YG, and R11541-LR one each color,
    R6507-GP, and R6507-LG one each color,
    WF-12427-LG, and WF12427-LR one each color,
    S1301 G and S1301W, SK-B &SK-G 2 pairs each number,
    H 1305-03 one.
    Please give me your best offer at your possibility. Thanking you. Besides, can I come over your place for physical check?
    My cell. phone # 0935-224710.

    • Angela Tu

      Dear Simon,
      Thanks for the request. We will check the inventory to see if above goods are available. You also can contact us via Line Account as ID: 2alpaca or email: 2alpaca@gmail.com

      we will get back to you soon after checking the availablilty of the goods asked. thanks. regards,


    • Angela Tu

      Dear Simon,
      Please ignore the reply sent this morning (Nov. 12, 2021). We did check our inventory as mentioned on the replied mail and learned all the goods requested were gone. Then, your name and cell number reminded us that you might be our client. Looked for our previous correspodences and just realized that you bought our goods back to 2016. So sorry for inconvenience caused to you. Again, thanks for your purchahse in 2016. Have a great weekend.
      Per weather forecasts, it will be a cold winter this year. Please keep warm and stay warm with alapaca gaurments bought.


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